The sort-of move

So I’ve finally moved to David’s house. I say it’s a sort-of move because most of my actual belongings haven’t arrived yet, like I’m waiting for lost luggage or something. I should really say that my computer, my dog, my rabbits, about 20% of my clothes (i.e. what fit in two laundry baskets and on some hangers), one of my cars, a couple boxes of cereal and a carton of chocolate soymilk, and I have moved. I feel like I’m living in a hotel since nothing is put away (HELLO, no dresser). I spent a hundred bucks at WalMart to patch up some missing things I didn’t have at home to bring, like a suction cup thingy to hold a razor and hooks for the doors to hang up my ugly pink fleece robe (I love it… David not so much) and a hamper and new wiper blades since I now have to park outside and apparently the Jeep doesn’t like it on the street. The Jeep actually had been in my driveway for the most part, but it’s harsh to move in the rain and then have a snowstorm on the first day. Getting up to shovel, brush, and scrape is not nearly as nice as hopping in the car in a dry, warm garage!

The new bunny room is mostly set up, but Joey and Annabelle don’t like the ramp in their fancy expensive new condo, so they’re being evicted to make room for a switch with fosters. Poor old one-eyed Annabelle is wobbly and falls over now and then anyway so I suppose it was only a matter of time before she fell off the ramp, so maybe Joey’s freakish resistance to use it when I helped him was simply a way to protect his beloved. (I think he’s just a chicken and doesn’t like change, but it sounds nice.) They are happy and grooming each other when out to play, though, so all should be well.

dwaltchair1207.jpg office1207.jpg
The office is mostly done besides doors and trim, and David’s custom desks look really nice. I specified the height for mine and made it all ergonomically friendly (thanks, Employer, for teaching me how to keep my tendonitis at bay).

Casper is starting to feel better about being at the new place. She acts like she’s still waiting to go home and also falls a lot on the hardwoods when Walt plays with her (I can’t tell if he’s more of a pest to her or to us), so we keep the dogs separated a lot to give her a break. She didn’t try to take his face off yesterday when he played with her squeaky fish, so that’s an improvement. And it’s very gratifying to see all the tail-wagging when I get home from work, as if every day she thinks I abandoned her there with the boys. (Casper’s not much of a tail-wagger on normal occasions.) She also figured out the basement stairs so now she can hang out while we watch TV. We just hooked up cable yesterday with the brand new TV and TiVo so I think we’ll be down there a lot! What’s up with paying for a bunch of HD channels and then half of them not tuning? I foresee a cranky customer…

Here’s Casper all wound up the other day.

On the list to bring next from home: forks and drinking glasses (boy it sucks to not have enough of those), and tweezers since the single chin hair I grow periodically decided to make an appearance today. How does that thing get so long overnight?

Also, how did my page become “Amy’s”? That’s just weird. I guess I better find my way back to the admin page.

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