I made a few changes to the blog, and finally fixed the apostrophe problem in my title. It took some forum searching and a coded entry for the mark, but it worked! At least I’m not having the /’ problem throughout my text like some people are! I was just about to beg Carlton for help but I’m glad I was able to solve this and fix some sidebar items as well. Not sure I’ll leave the red links in here but I was having trouble seeing the light green of the visited links, so this is festive for now. Someday I’ll change the picture at the top to my own… but I still like the hay bales and the green.

One more day of work for the year! Too bad I have so much to do. It’s getting quiet here since a lot of people are already on vacation. Today’s highlight will be going down to our Health Services and getting a tetanus booster. Yesterday a coworker helped me learn how to use my cell phone better; we have the same model and I was stumped on using my new memory card, among other things. Another coworker shared this picture he took last week:


Notice that all these work-related things don’t actually involve real work? I’m doing plenty of that too, but no one wants to read about quarterly reports and performance reviews.

A gift for you, your mailbox, and the environment: opt out of catalogs you don’t want at You sign up, pick the catalogs you don’t want, and they contact the merchants for you. I did this a few years ago with a free stop-junk-mail service and it worked quite well! I don’t shop at more than a couple of online places, but this time of year several catalogs still arrived.

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