Ever been flipped off for four miles?

Yesterday, on the way back from the gym, I was going through a yellow light at a major intersection and another car came through in the lane next to me, blowing his horn (a silly, wimpy horn I might add…I think one of the tones wasn’t working). Since the light would have been red by the time he drove through, I thought maybe he was just sounding the horn to keep people from hitting him or maybe he was on the way to the hospital or something.

So this very crappy Toyota Tercel (it only said RC on the back because the other letters had fallen off) went on ahead, and changed lanes a few times, but came to drive a relatively normal speed and stopped at lights he could have run on yellow. I didn’t think much about it, until the lanes were decreasing to one at a stoplight. I stayed in my lane, which would be ending after the light, and decided to get ahead of this Tercel on my left. Operating on the same theory that my car goes faster than a semi so it makes sense to get in front of them, I knew this taped-together car wouldn’t be able to keep up with my turbo, but I wasn’t in a race or anything!

Well, this guy was pissed. As I pulled ahead in the intersection, he laid on the horn, and kept sounding it for quite awhile. Of course by this time I was WAY ahead of him because his car just couldn’t keep up, but I could see him pounding his fists in the air. I’m sure he would have tailgated me but his car wasn’t fast enough! So I get to the next stoplight, and happen to be first in line there in the single through lane. He eventually gets there and whips around through the left turn lane and pulls his car diagonally in front of mine in the intersection, flipping me off and yelling and waving his fists. I shook my head in the old “geez, if it matters to you so much, you go right on ahead” manner. I wasn’t in a hurry and he could drive his crappy Tercel in front of me if he needed to so badly.

So now the light turns green and he goes ahead, but he drives r e a l l y s l o w l y to try to make me mad. This goes on for awhile (I made no gestures or other contact with this guy who was still shaking his fists in his rearview and watching me), and then when we get more driving lanes, he drives down the middle of both so I can’t get around (I wasn’t even trying…I figured he was too big an ass to worry about it). I’m still getting the flip-offs the whole way. Then we come to railroad tracks and he slows down, which is normal because those tracks are very rough. But he gets to the top and stops his car completely, flipping me off and making jerk-off motions in the rearview and just really being the biggest ass I’ve ever met in a car!

At the next light, there is another lane and then it ends again, so he slowed down to see if I would try to get in the other lane (I assume so he could dash over and cut me off?). I stayed behind the idiot, who is still turning around to look at me and flip me off, and another car gets in that new lane to the right of him. He scoots way out in the intersection to keep her from going past once the light changes, but she was just turning right. I had considered getting in that lane and waving and smiling to him with a “Have a nice day!” kill-em-with-kindness move, and then turn and go another way, but frankly I was afraid he or his passenger would get out and kick my car or worse. This guy was nuts.

As we go forward again and he’s driving really slowly again to make me mad, and still making rude gestures, I jump off at a different street that he has passed and decide to go another way. I was within a few blocks of home and didn’t really want him to know where I lived! So, take note: if you see a white POS Tercel with most of the letters gone and an IN plate starting with 97, call him in for impaired driving. That’s what I should have done.

Notes: I should have taken a picture or video of this guy. I think I was so amazed at how ridiculous he was that I forgot my camera was right there. Also, I looked online for photo or video of the annoying flair waiter in Office Space because this whole thing reminded me of his double-flip-off, only that seemed funnier…

4 thoughts on “Ever been flipped off for four miles?

  1. Yowsa – That guy needs a week at a spa! Anytime a driver flips me off, which thankfully isn’t frequently, I just smile and wave. And if someone rides my butt, I slow to a crawl. I figure, if I’m going to get into an accident because of some freak driver, at least I’ll be going slowly.

  2. Some people have nothing better to do with their time.

    Speaking of having nothing better to do with one’s time…I’m tagging you on a meme. Someone tagged me, and I was sitting there wondering who in the world should get it next, and ding! Your comment about the “hairy mom” googler popped up.

    It was meant to be, Amy. (I’ll have it up later tonight.)

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  4. When someone is a dick in a little Tercel (or RC car?), like you had here then it’s really just sort of a nuisance and as long as you’re in no hurry and not an impatient person you can always get out of it just fine. But when someone in a huge F-350 gets mad that your little car did not stay behind his slow ass the whole way and he decides to go driving all around you and up in your face, it’s a little dangerous. And in my experiences the dicks tend to be the guys in the BIG trucks.

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