Evil-Lyn, amputee

Why was I surprised to find Evil-Lyn on Wikipedia?

When going through boxes of old stuff, I found Evil-Lyn. She was a bad guy from my brother’s He-Man toy collection. We used to play together, He-Man and Barbies, and we watched the cartoon together. Somehow Evil-Lyn came into my possession and went to boarding school and college with me, where I probably hung her on my dorm room door. When I found her again a couple of months ago, I sent her (along with other goofy stuff my brother would appreciate) to Matt. He sent me an email the other day that her foot came to a sad end:

evillyn1.jpg evillyn2.jpg

I thought you’d appreciate/be saddened by this.

I glanced on the floor of my computer room just as I was checking my email before bed and I saw my dear Evil Lynn. But, dear God, she is now an amputee! At first I tried to comprehend why she was in the middle of my floor in the first place. I have no clue how she got there, and with one less apendage, no less. Then as though someone had written the script, Maddux (who was laying on the floor of the hallway) let out a whine. I looked at him and looked at my Mistress of the Universe and it became clear. Maddux somehow abducted my Evil Lynn (where ever she was originally) and gnawed her left foot off. I supposed I should keep an eye on his poo for a blue fluffy boot with yellow tooties. But no sockerpoos. Evil Lynn wouldn’t be caught dead in sockerpoos. She may be less a woman now, but I’m sure Skeletor will afford her a nice prosthetic. I just wonder why he stopped at the left foot. I supposed her angered warnings of retribution by Beastman, Webster or Stinkor convinced Maddux that one foot was enough.

I included a picture of her current sad state. As I was taking those pictures Maddux came into view of the camera and allowed enough evidence that he would be convicted in any state, except Texas.

Note: I think Maddux has also eaten a bar of soap that had been signed by Weird Al Yankovic, so Evil-Lyn is not that weird.

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  1. I’m still pissed about the soap incident. I mean, how many people can say they have a bar of soap signed by Weird Al? Not many, I’m sure. Now even less people can say that, I guess. I can only be lumped in the group of folks that have half a bar of soap signed by “Wei A Yanko”. I’m sure that is an even smaller assembly.


    Channeling 200X Skeletor. I know Evil-Lyn in real life and she’s actually Webstor’s husband. Evil-Lyn Carol Webstor!

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