Free Sunday coupons and ads

I had a local Indianapolis Star newspaper subscription for several years (starting with a deal, of course), and read the front of every section that wasn’t Sports or Fashion or something equally useless. Then it all went in the litterboxes. But once the price became $17 a month and I was so busy that weeks of it would be in piles, waiting for me to skim it (it did still all go in the litterboxes eventually!), I decided to cancel. I have friends and family who save newspapers for me for my household uses (yes, I’ve dumpster dived for it before), and I still don’t have time to read the paper. All I really wanted were coupons and ads, so lately I’ve purchased the Sunday paper to get them.

In today’s purchased paper I found a deal to have the ads and coupons delivered free to my home! Finally, saving money and trees and getting just what I need.

Want free Sunday ads and coupons in Indianapolis? Through March 31, go to and enter the promo code YesFree.

…if you live in a target area where they want your business, apparently. I live right in the middle of the urban-ness of it all and the ad was inserted in a paper I bought at a local gas station.
I just got this email:

Dear Shoppers:

Thank you for contacting us via – Indiana’s number one local
news and information web site.

We regret to inform you that your request for a subscription to The
Indianapolis Star “Yes” was not able to be processed due to the fact it is
not scheduled for delivery to your zip code. If we do expand our delivery
area in the future and offer it in your zip code you will receive a
solicitation to subscribe.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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