4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Matt!

  1. I opened up your blog this morning and laughed out loud at my digusting mug filled with soil covered golf balls. It’s not like I don’t know full well that the picture exists, it’s that I forget how stupid I was to have allowed it to be taken. But, it’s cool because that picture is proof that I won the bet that 4 golf balls can fit in my mouth. I’m a cool 25 cents richer now, thank you very much.

    Secondly, shut up about “almost” 30! I am having a tough time with this less than a year away thing. I am still a spry 29 and that means I’m hip to the kids’ jive, turkey. Do kids still say that? Oh crap I’m old.

    Word to your mother!

  2. I’m sure I could have found much more ridiculous pictures at home, but this is all I had stored locally! I could make a whole blog category on Stupid Things Matt Has Done. I could have guest posts and everything!

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