Not jumping jacks!

I signed up for curbside recycling about a month ago, and received my big blue bins right away, but no one has picked up our recyclables for three weeks now. They just sit at the curb all lonely, and all the trash bags are picked up, but not our bins of bottles and cans. (Now the neighbors know we are drunks, too.) My neighbors put their bins (but a different color and for a different company) on the curb on a different day, so I was really confused. I just received the bill, so I called Republic, and they were actually pretty helpful.

Apparently the city contracts three different companies to pick up recycling (maybe that’s part of the financial loss we incur with the program, huh?), and our next-door neighbor and another house on the other side of us are both in a different company’s district. How can we live in between houses on the same block and have service from a different company? Anyway, the CSR put more notes on our file so the truck will find us next week and credited us for January, and I took the excess recyclables to the free dropoff anyway so no landfill space was wasted, so all is well.

I’ve only been getting to the gym by myself about once a week, so I went with a coworker to our on-site fitness center today during lunch. Somehow I got sucked into a circuit training session with about eight guys (who smelled awful by the time we were done; why is guy sweat so much stinkier?), and now I’m really worn out. It’s bizarre to take a shower in the middle of the day at work, and next time I should bring shampoo and remember to eat more breakfast so I don’t feel like passing out! It was a good workout, but one station was jumping jacks, and the last time I did those I peed my pants. (Years ago, mind you, but jjs are a big problem for me!) I was warned ahead of time that jjs were in this circuit so I wisely used the restroom first.

In other exciting news, David vacuumed the basement last night, and I was ecstatic! The dog hair really gets to me.

6 thoughts on “Not jumping jacks!

  1. Boys are smelly!

    I’ve always thought JJs are a particularly embarrassing exercise. There’s so much bouncing and flailing. I think I’d ask to do mine in the bathroom. 🙂

    Please ask David to come vacuum my place tonight!

  2. They ARE embarrassing, aren’t they? No one over 10 should do them. I don’t have a lot more bounce than the guys, but you KNOW they’re still looking. The room is ringed in mirrors and at least the bored people on the treadmills are staring.

  3. Sometimes I put on Andrea’s bra and put nerf balls in there so I can fully experience the embarrassment of jumping jacks. Then I pee my pants just for fun.

  4. Nerf balls aren’t heavy enough to get the full effect and discomfort. Try softballs. Also why are WE discussing this? Does your wife know you write these things? 🙂

  5. No, she doesn’t. She also doesn’t know I wear her bra and you’ll keep you big yapper shut if you know what’s good for you!

    On another note about recycling, I can relate to the neighbors thinking you are drunks. We cleaned out the basement over the weekend. I had been saving alcohol bottles for years for when I built my bar. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the bar will probably never exist and even if it does exist, what will the empty alcohol bottles be for? Anyway, I parted ways with about 50 bottles of various hard liquors. We set them out for recycling and it looked like I just had a party for Otis from Mayberry and about 300 of his friends. I cleverly put another cardboard box I was recycling over the drunk tank container so my nosy neighbors wouldn’t know. But I was hoisted by my own petard! I looked outside when the truck came by and the blasted wind had revealed my alcoholism!

  6. We get our recycling picked up by Republic, too. I think they give you the first two weeks to remember to put it out or something cause they skipped us too then. They are pretty helpful there though. One time we forgot to get our bin out by 7am and they called at 7:15 to remind us.

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