Going green: I didn’t mean my sinuses had to save the earth too

I have never been considered a shiny-happy, uplifting person to be around. I’m known for sarcasm and associated with the phrase Get Over It. But goodness, I hope I don’t come across as whiny. I’m sure there are some days that I do, no doubt about it. Still, there’s a blog I keep going back to because this poor, poor person just has so many annoying relatives and bad things happening to her and she just keeps making excuses about how it’s never her fault, her life is unfair, she surely couldn’t do anything to improve her lot, and when things get better she’ll do x and y and never complain…. then good things happen and guess what? She complains. I can’t stop reading it because I wonder how hypocritical the next post will sound. Ok, now I’m sounding bitter. I guess I’m just glad I’m not around this person, say, at work, because I think she’d drive me crazy! I don’t think this blogger reads here so if you’re all paranoid or something, don’t be. Most blogs I find either funny/entertaining/interesting/educational or just realize I don’t have a lot in common with the person but it’s their life so hey, blog what you want. I rarely visit I Can Has Cheezburger either but I see why it has a following.

Ah, the internet. One of the best inventions ever. Why is watching other people whine or fight with each other so entertaining? When my grouplist readings lapse as I get busy, I sometimes stop back in only when I get an announcement that it’s back on moderation due to some controversy. That’s a great time to get caught up!

Meanwhile, if you work in a cubicle and have a computer and coworkers around, this video will make you laugh. Note the Lundberg guy. My favorite part is the CRT on the copy machine because the guy can’t get his document to print.
Bad Day at the Office
My work week has been pretty intense, but so far my laptop has cooperated, so I’ll let it live.

And pet sterilization is now the law in Los Angeles!

Now I shall whine: I have had a sinus infection for over a week, and I’m tired of the reverse-sneeze-sounding (you’ll know what it is if you have a dog) attempts to get the green strings to either be in my nasal area or in my throat but not stretched in a gooey line to be in both places at the same time. I can actually pluck them out like a slimy noodle. Gross, huh?

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