Guess what I found

Heading home from gym/grocery shopping/lunch carryout, I stopped for fuel. The pay-at-pump was messed up so I had to go inside to wait in line behind people buying cigarettes and lotto to get the pump started, so I was at the gas station longer than normal. As I was finishing fueling, a stray dog came wandering through the pumps. One guy told it to go home and everyone else ignored it. He was heading for a very busy street, so I chased/called/coaxed the dog to come to me and I put him in the car to take to the pound.

(This is the part where I drive away after the flurry of activity, hoping this stray dog doesn’t trash my car, and hear a loud THUNK as the diesel nozzle I forgot I still had connected is pulled out of my car and hits the ground. At least I’ve never done that before.)

This dog SMELLED TERRIBLY BAD. I don’t think he’d ever been groomed or bathed. His leg and belly fur was all matted and overgrown and he chewed at his tail like he had fleas. But after being initially shy, he was friendly and rode in the car well and got excited to see us in the backyard, wagging his tail and wanting to go out on the leash.

I felt his adoption prospects (after a BATH) would be pretty good since small friendly dogs usually appeal to adopters, and in any case I did not want him to get hit by a car, so I took him to Animal Care and Control. The place and the lady and the microchip scanner scared him, though, so he snapped at the intake person and growled at a dog in another cage. I felt so badly for him in that place, but yet knew it was his chance. Part of me hopes whomever let him get so skinny and dirty and stray (and unaltered) never comes to claim him, but unless he chills out at the scary shelter, he won’t do well on the temperament test, which is GNI.


4 thoughts on “Guess what I found

  1. You have good pooch karma now. I think it’s a shame some people treat innocent animals so poorly.

    We just adopted a kitty and she’s only 3 months before she came to the shelter someone had borken her tail…what kind of person breaks the tail of a new born kitten?

    I hope your pooch rescue finds a home quickly!!

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