I won!

Another installment of Amy Downloads Camera Phone Pictures!

Walt removes stuffing from yet another toy. (There was another casualty later that night.)

I’m king of the world! (He fell asleep on top of the pigloo later.)

Ah, Valentine’s Day… Hug’s and Kissess for everyone. Love, Kroger

I made jacket potatoes stuffed with sauteed garlic and baby portobello mushrooms, tofu, and the insides of the potatoes… then happened to heat up a fake chicken breast thing (also made from mycoprotein: a whole fungus meal!), resulting in a strangely symmetrical plate. David had seared ahi tuna, the more normal plate in the background. Note our OSB-topped coffee table.

Miffi grabbed all the carrots when I was trying to give her only the green tops.

Last week was one of extremes. Work sucked ass (even at home every night on my laptop, pager, and cell phone), but then had high points as we solved issues and I had good financial news, including finding out that I’m done paying for my teeth (for you newcomers, that’s 26 crowns and a bunch of ancillary work). My birthday was one of the sucky work days, then spent visiting David’s mom as she came home from the hospital without an appendix, then trying a new-to-us Iraqi restaurant that disappointed. After the good financial news (good enough that I still did this after having car repairs and dog grooming expenses that same day), we went to R Bistro for a really nice $$$ dinner. We haven’t been out to a place with a fancy chef in a long time and it was really wonderful. I’ve never had butternut squash, spinach, and goat cheese with Buerre blanc before.

Now completing a tiring weekend by snacking on real parmesan (not going to attempt the long/real spelling) and red wine… mmm.

Oh! And I won one of the bloody contests! Of course the award was a gift card to a steakhouse, so she’s adjusting it a bit. 🙂 Anyway, lots of people gave blood during Melissa and Manic Mommy‘s contests, which is really the point. My entry was a January donation.

I’d say the week ended on an up note!

2 thoughts on “I won!

  1. Is the fork on your plate one of those old bamboo looking ones that we used to have at mom and dad’s? I still have Aunt Dorothy’s gold (not real) plated forks and spoons that all the gold color has rubbed off. I’m sure that can’t be good as it’s probably in my colon somewhere. One of these day’s my poo is going to look like I struck it rich… or “stunk” it rich, as the case may be.

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