“I got some chicks with that song”

David was playing piano and singing tonight while I was working on taxes. He skips around with whatever’s in his head, so we had portions of songs like one I don’t know from Marvin Gaye, Movin’ Out, Sail On, Somewhere Out There, Desperado, Hotel California, You Light Up My Life, the Piña Colada song… and then I heard something that reminded me of church camp: Friends are Friends Forever.

David is very not-religious (like me, but he’s more obnoxious about it). So I asked him why in the world he knew that Michael W. Smith song and why he was singing it. He said, “I got some chicks with that song.”

Of course. I think that was one of the main reasons he played piano in his youth!

Then he did another MWS song, Emily, to which I knew none of the words, but knew I’d heard it before. He doesn’t know why he knows that one at all. He does keep bringing up one of my bunny volunteers named Emily who went to his high school and on whom he apparently had a crush many years ago…

Note: while doing taxes, I calculated that I drove over 11,000 miles for bunny things last year. Even claiming just 14¢ a mile, that adds up. I went to Petco 125 times!

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  1. My choir, along with every other one in the free world, sang Friends are Friends Forever at high school graduation. Though cheesy, it still makes me sniffle a little.

    P.S. I’m totally throwing my bra at David if he ever plays it in my presence.

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