In which I learn to download from my camera phone

It’s the mother of all bad signs posts!

I bought my cell phone pushing a year ago, and took some pictures with it (I’m surprised at the good quality actually!). I finally bought a microSD card so I could store more pictures and video (and it’s an mp3 player too but I haven’t loaded any songs). But I didn’t download anything… until tonight.

There are dental pics and bunny pics which I will share soon, and even a rare David-with-goatee pic, but today will just be for the bad store signs pics.

Meijer with a double whammy

Menards, where my expectations aren’t as high but I’m still amused by the bad signs

Someone apparently ran into the drive thru speaker at this McD’s, so it was hobbled together with electrical tape and leaning precariously.

I was amazed at the bad use of plaid.

Target must have hired a real gem to make their signs!
target1.jpg target2.jpg target3.jpg

And my favorite, because WalMart laughs at the dangers taught by practical chemistry. (Note the products shrink wrapped together, and the bleach wipe bottles on top for garnish.) No worries, though, since I emailed to let them know. 🙂 Of course, their MSDS search page references a “Frequently Asked Question’s” page, so I’m not sure we have much hope.

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