“I got some chicks with that song”

David was playing piano and singing tonight while I was working on taxes. He skips around with whatever’s in his head, so we had portions of songs like one I don’t know from Marvin Gaye, Movin’ Out, Sail On, Somewhere Out There, Desperado, Hotel California, You Light Up My Life, the Piña Colada song… and then I heard something that reminded me of church camp: Friends are Friends Forever.

David is very not-religious (like me, but he’s more obnoxious about it). So I asked him why in the world he knew that Michael W. Smith song and why he was singing it. He said, “I got some chicks with that song.”

Of course. I think that was one of the main reasons he played piano in his youth!

Then he did another MWS song, Emily, to which I knew none of the words, but knew I’d heard it before. He doesn’t know why he knows that one at all. He does keep bringing up one of my bunny volunteers named Emily who went to his high school and on whom he apparently had a crush many years ago…

Note: while doing taxes, I calculated that I drove over 11,000 miles for bunny things last year. Even claiming just 14¢ a mile, that adds up. I went to Petco 125 times!

Peace. Love. Spay. Neuter.

February is a good month for pets!

Discount spay/neuter for Indianapolis-area dogs and cats in February! Procedures as low as $30. See Spay Neuter Services of Indiana’s form for participating clinics and pass the word. Does your neighbor’s dog need to be fixed? Strays in your alley? There are no income requirements in February for the discount spay/neuter program (the organization has reduced cost spay/neuter all year too for low-income clients too, I think around $20!).

I have one of SNSI’s cool Peace-Love-Spay-Neuter shirts. This related website, Move to ACT, also has data from spay/neuter costs all over the metro area.

The National Canine Weight Check is in February too: check your dog for obesity with a free consult at a participating veterinary clinic. Just search by your zip code at the website. You can also take the Body Assessment Rating for Canines test!

And of course, February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month! I’m sure I will have a separate post about that. 🙂

Ireland goes greener!

Ireland has a plastic bag tax: customers can get them when they shop, but only if they pay 33¢ each. Think they’re complaining? Instead, plastic bag use is down 94% and it’s become socially unacceptable to carry them. Hooray for cloth/reusable bags!

My favorite one was 99¢ at Meijer. It’s sturdy, stands up on its own, has a pocket and a key fob, and best of all, wine bottle holders tucked in the corners! I can get about four plastic bags’ contents in it. Places like Kroger sell them now too, and Target cashiers said theirs were on the way.

Keep just one on the car seat next to you and give it a try. It’s easy to reduce plastic bag waste!

From reusablebags.com:

Introduced just over 25 years ago, the ugly truth about our plastic bag addiction is that society’s consumption rate is now estimated at well over 500,000,000,000 (that’s 500 billion) plastic bags annually, or almost 1 million per minute.

Snowy pups

I went up to the northern part of the state this weekend to facilitate a bunny date, which allowed me some time to visit with family. My previous post about poop, upon which only my brother commented, led to further discussion over Chinese food at a neat new place in South Bend called J.W. Chen’s. Casper enjoyed frolicking in the snow (much better than the mud in our Indy yard) with Shelby, who is a bit less enthusiastic but that might be because Casper beat her up the last time we visited.

caspershelbysnow1.jpg caspershelbysnow2.jpg caspersnow0208.jpg

Please think good thoughts for very sweet Kimela, who was found huddled against a curb on a busy street in Seymour with a large mammary tumor. It weighed 65 grams! She’s recuperating now but has a lot of healing to do.

Oh! Tonight I made the point of getting David off several catalog mailing lists that were still going to his mother’s house. Folks, just go to the merchant’s website and they’ll either have a handy “remove from mailing list” link at the Contact Us page, or an email address you can use to request removal. You know you don’t read those catalogs anyway, and half of the merchants sell your name to other merchants so you get more junk catalogs, and you won’t spend money on stuff you didn’t know you wanted! Also, you can get off any catalog from one website: catalogchoice.org. It just takes a bit longer that way but you won’t need the catalog itself (with customer ID) to use the removal features.