Recycling teeth

So, any guesses on how much I’ll get for cashing in my old crowns? (Hint: you are looking at three to four thousand dollars of work, and my guess is dividing that by 100 will be close.)

And here’s the evidence of the long restoration:

Scene of the crimes (looks like it was impression day based on the pink goo in the gun)

Taking measurements with molds (you should have seen the crazy contraption I wore on my head when they adjusted my bite)

Rare footage of the prepped front teeth. This was in May, and I wore resin fakes for several months while the rest of the teeth were prepped and then permanent crowns were made. I think the lowers in front may have been already shaved in this picture in prep for veneers… I don’t even recognize my old teeth anymore.

And finally, in the little bathroom next to the clinic, someone had made repairs in the wall with a rather janky patch. Sometime after this helpful graffiti, it was more properly repaired. The clinic is on IU’s Indy campus, and the whole place has the flavor of state university rather than traditional dentist. (One place I looked when deciding how to do this project had LCD screens on articulated arms at each dental chair so you could watch cable while waiting and be sold dental procedures with video explanations.) I appreciate that state school dollars aren’t being wasted on decor (or drywall patches, apparently). Maybe some money will be freed up now that the basketball coach is gone.

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  1. I have six of them… and everything else is crowned. I like them but there’s a bit of sensitivity at the base. Be warned, the government generally considers veneers to be “cosmetic surgery” so you can’t count them toward medical deductions on your taxes, including reimbursement from flexible benefits!

    You might want to read back in my dental category…

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