Snowy pups

I went up to the northern part of the state this weekend to facilitate a bunny date, which allowed me some time to visit with family. My previous post about poop, upon which only my brother commented, led to further discussion over Chinese food at a neat new place in South Bend called J.W. Chen’s. Casper enjoyed frolicking in the snow (much better than the mud in our Indy yard) with Shelby, who is a bit less enthusiastic but that might be because Casper beat her up the last time we visited.

caspershelbysnow1.jpg caspershelbysnow2.jpg caspersnow0208.jpg

Please think good thoughts for very sweet Kimela, who was found huddled against a curb on a busy street in Seymour with a large mammary tumor. It weighed 65 grams! She’s recuperating now but has a lot of healing to do.

Oh! Tonight I made the point of getting David off several catalog mailing lists that were still going to his mother’s house. Folks, just go to the merchant’s website and they’ll either have a handy “remove from mailing list” link at the Contact Us page, or an email address you can use to request removal. You know you don’t read those catalogs anyway, and half of the merchants sell your name to other merchants so you get more junk catalogs, and you won’t spend money on stuff you didn’t know you wanted! Also, you can get off any catalog from one website: It just takes a bit longer that way but you won’t need the catalog itself (with customer ID) to use the removal features.

2 thoughts on “Snowy pups

  1. Your poo-post is weighing heavily on my mind, and bowels, today. Last night was our 3rd Annual Super Bowl Chili Cookoff. We had 6 chili entries this year and you aren’t able to vote for a winner unless you’ve tried every entry. So the day after the Super Bowl is always a trial for me. I’m not sure what number it will be on the Bristol scale when Judgement Day arrives in the bathroom, but I’m sure it will be a doozy. Is there a ranking on the Bristol chart for Krakatoa?

    P.S.- Nothing a like a family dinner out where we loudly talk about poo extensively and Dad speaks broken English to the Asian waitress.

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