Driving with the brakes on

will land you over $700 in Jeep repairs. So if you smell something burning, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car, assume it will cost a lot once the mechanic figures it out, because by then the brakes are melted to the axle or something like that. Oh, and the throttle control might still be busted too, which will run another $200. What was I saying about being lucky?

It’s Captain Spaaaaacemaaaaaan! Okay, I know it was Captain Caveman. David’s Tyvek-type suit is donned when he’s spraying lacquer in the shop. It even has a blue oval sticker on the left chest like it’s a NASA outfit.


Oh, and after posting that my feet were doing fine overall, I have some weird new pain on the side of my foot this week that is making it hard to walk. Maybe I should quit blogging. The universe seems to think it’s being taunted.

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