A social life?

Yesterday at Petco, Pippen was so zonked he looked very dead.

pippenzonk1.jpg pippenzonk2.jpg

This is for you, Matt.


David and I went out for sushi last night, and then Mike and Carla invited us out to the Chatterbox, the first time I’d been there. It was incredibly crowded for awhile but we eventually were able to sit down, thanks to Carla being on top of chasing down people who were leaving and generally being willing to talk to anyone (just ask Doreen). Carla found a footless army man in the bathroom and he did not burn.


After a few drinks, David went up between sets to talk to the pianist, “Doc” Virginia Jefferson, who had him play with her for a bit. He’s looking for a jazz teacher.

jazz2.jpg jazz1.jpg

BTW, I got $22.37 for my recycled crowns. I won’t spend it all in one place.

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