Lost pudding

Perhaps as a holdover from childhood, I like pudding cups. But I can’t find them in the store! They’re great at work (keeps me from going to the vending machine), but the big stores don’t keep them with the baking/boxed pudding (baking aisle), and for all my wandering efforts and employee inquiries, where the heck are the single serve pudding cups? I buy them now and then but once again, I can’t find them!

I know I should move to a friendlier package, maybe make my own. I’m afraid I’d eat a whole batch at once. Maybe I should bring single serves of the tofu choc mousse Nicole and I have made before?

Busy weekend coming up: helping at a regatta in the morning, then Earth Day downtown in the afternoon tomorrow, and Mutt Strut on Sunday! I need to fit in some yardwork too.

Where’s the pudding?

3 thoughts on “Lost pudding

  1. I have also seen single serve pudding cups before. They have been at Costco, but you’d need to get a bazillion cups of the same flavor. That could work in your favor if you get sick of pudding and never want to eat it again.

  2. Aha! I can answer this! In my Sam’s Club, they are with the canned fruit.

    At our local Wal-Mart, they are with the baking supplies.

    Hunts makes a giant variety box that gives you plain chocolate, chocolate fudge, and vanilla.

    My kids can eat through an entire box of these (48 cups) in a single afternoon, and hide every cotton-pickin’ empty cup somewhere on the property, so well that I don’t know until several days later that the box is gone.

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