No Carole King references, please

Something woke me up this morning, and then the dogs went nuts. Living in an old creaky house in the city, it was either 1) someone breaking in (thanks, dogs, for scaring ’em away, and good thing the alarm was on) or 2) giant wind gust that shook the place (I kept looking outside and something was strange–no birds!–but I didn’t figure out what it was at the time; the weather was perfectly calm, too).

Option 3 never crossed my mind until I got to work and the guy in the next cube asked me about the earthquake!

I’ve never felt one before. I didn’t notice the minor one felt in South Bend when I was a kid because I was out riding my bike at the time.

Oh well, went back to sleep. Except the dogs decided to roughhouse for an hour after that.

1115 update: I just felt another one! Officially awake, this time. I do work in a trailer so I suppose it could have been “shakier” than other buildings.

3 thoughts on “No Carole King references, please

  1. I woke up and thought Andrea was having a bad dream, causing her to shake. I woke her up and asked if she was alright because she was shaking in her sleep. She said “No, I’m fine. I wasn’t shaking.” I thought maybe she just didn’t remember the dream and didn’t worry about it. Then I heard about the earthquake later and we made the connection. Weird. She didn’t even feel it and was disappointed she missed it.

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