No foster bunnies!

I can’t remember the last time I was fostering zero rabbits, but it happened tonight. Baby bunnies Quincy and Jewells have now moved on to their Petco foster spots, and long-term foster Iris was adopted over the weekend.



Iris is a very special girl. She was the last rabbit remaining in rescue from what might have been our worst group intervention, which happened at a shelter in Illinois a little over a year ago. Here she is pictured at the shelter with several other wonderful girls who have also found homes.

After a long road of emotional healing, last month she was featured on Fox59 morning news and showed off for the cameras! She looked very snazzy on the red sheet.

It’s wonderful when a very sensitive rabbit such as Iris finds the right home. Some bunnies are easy to place with most families. Iris has a wounded spirit from her previous mistreatment, but her deep soul has brought her to trust people and really enjoy her happy new life. We’re thrilled the right adopter came along who will understand her and let her be who she is.

Don’t worry, new foster buns will be here in a few days, I’m sure.

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