Overwhelmed, I guess

Okay, just getting email is starting to piss me off. I feel like there is too much going on and actually things are not that busy at the moment, but every incoming message requires me to do something. My stupid spam catcher is catching a lot of my real mail despite my numerous attempts to tell it I WANT mail from those addresses, making the inbox experience doubly aggravating. I can’t keep up with work and rescue stuff and there’s already so much mail about rowing, which hasn’t even started yet, that I’m stressed about it and don’t want to participate. Work is busy with lots of uncertain changes and a new boss and I’m more in a mood to coast. The dogs are being annoying and the house is a mess and I’m just blah.

I bought tickets to Rome the other day after an opportunity fell in my lap. And I’m not even excited yet… I just want a break! Now!

Slightly entertaining, though, is that David is watching Office Space and even five minutes in, I’ve laughed several times.

But I must go to bed and return to the grind in the morning.

Lawrence: “You don’t need a million dollars to do nothing, man.” How do I just do nothing?

Cheer-me-up quotes

That was nice of Paula

David gets this ridiculous newsletter from his mortgage broker with tips and updates that really remind me of the local paper when I was living in Seymour. Here we learn what’s new with Keith:

As if the Scarfs weren’t enough the first time, now they have Prom Jewerly! Never mind that it’s spelled correctly on their huge sign and on another permanent sign on the window.

I was hanging out with Pippen tonight. He picked up my camera by the strap and threw it when he became bored with his normal toys.