Looks like economic stimulus checks started going out this week. You can check the schedule of when you’ll get yours here.

So what will you be doing with your newfound cash? So far I’ve heard a coworker is getting car repairs and his dog’s tooth crowned, a lot of people are paying down credit cards, for many, money is going straight to savings and retirement accounts and emergency funds, and one person was buying a computer. I planned to leave it in the old checking account and it’ll just go to various normal expenses like any other directly-deposited money. I am currently on board for a trip to Rome and I need a new computer so I suppose it will contribute to those things as well. Now that I’m done paying for teeth, the next step is to pay off school loans, especially since my employer is cutting jobs and I’ve been considering going back to school! How could I ever let myself get MORE school loans?

Anyway, I liked this idea to give the money to something that supports a charity of your choice. Of course the post entertained me because it focused on giving it to charities that the current administration (of which I am hardly a fan) disapproves, but I try to steer clear of politics here since some of my readers do not share my views. I’m not sure why that should matter since I rant about everything else, but there ya go. I have, however, been known to buy trinkets for my dad celebrating Bush’s term ending. He’s always good for a political rant on the phone.

Doing anything sensible (or fun) with your stimulus?

3 thoughts on “Stimulating

  1. Mine is going to pay down vet bills… last year was a whopper, with Angus’ two surgeries and miscellaneous other bunny and piggy related medical incidents. I’d love to do something fun with it, but I guess it could be “fun” not to owe so much money?

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