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I volunteered at a collegiate regatta on Saturday morning at Eagle Creek Park, where I observed boats coming across the finish line and recorded their order. I couldn’t see very well on the first race and we messed up the order! I hoped the other guy doing finish order would have gotten it but apparently he couldn’t see very well either. The crews sorted it out so all was well, but I felt badly. I should have volunteered to blow the air horn instead, I guess.

The finish tower is several stories of enclosed areas for the officials (where you see the Starbucks carafe that made me laugh) and an outdoor series of descending levels where we sat to observe the boats coming across the finish line, referenced by eye through a vertically strung cable just in front of us with a yellow pole on the 56th St. bridge across the reservoir. In the picture, the round orange buoy in front of the tiered people marks one end of the finish line, and the boats to the left have just finished racing and are turning around. This would have looked better as an action shot as the crossed the line but I was busy watching who came in first. 🙂 There are bow numbers on each boat but they are basically indistinguishable in this picture, which is why it was so hard to see them in the first place!

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