Where have all the hippies gone?

The weekend was so busy it is taking multiple posts! The rant ahead didn’t lend to brevity. The picture uploading is mostly working now with the new blog software, but apparently it only uploads square pictures, so some have been cropped without my intent to do that. I thought it was just a thumbnail thing and then the uploading broke completely again, so who knows.

I went to Earth Day Saturday afternoon, by myself because everyone else pooped out. I had a nice time in the lovely sunny weather (in my Eat Like You Give A Damn shirt) and discovered some interesting tidbits, like that all of Indy’s residential waste is actually incinerated to create steam energy, and in fact my employer is one of the largest customers of that energy. I also learned about an upcoming green building conference in town and I asked the Walmart guy who was giving out free reusable shopping bags made from old soda bottles why the cashiers at Walmart were so confused about bagging items in these very same reusable totes. I had great Indian food and watched all the kids hula-hooping on the grass.

My internal barometer was running from excited to depressed to hopeful to discouraged as I thought of all the ways the human race has messed up the planet and how all the problems of war and hunger and diseases of affluence and environment and animal welfare and social justice and energy crises are so intertwined with our cultures and lifestyles that it’s hopeless to try to make it better… but what else are you going to do? I want to be a person who tries to make it better, by making less waste myself and saving animals’ lives before they are put down like so much trash in the landfill, by speaking up when fellow members of local message boards say all panhandlers are faking it and lazy and that homelessness is the homeless person’s fault and that they should deal with it themselves. Not the kind of person who mindlessly consumes, assuming it’s the American Dream because TV tells me so, and I’ve never gone hungry so anyone who is must be doing something wrong. If you don’t have hope that something better can happen, is there a reason to live? That whole butterfly-flapping-causing-hurricanes thing has to play out somewhere, so it may as well be my wings and hopefully the wings of a few other hopeful people who recognize the disastrous, unsustainable, unjust course our nation and world seem to be following.

Was that dramatic and sobering enough? I had to do fun doggie things to make up for all the soul searching. Meanwhile I accepted a rabbit back into rescue from a woman who had told us allergies developed in the family. When she and her sons brought Miesa back to us, the nine-year-old volunteered, “You know why we’re returning him, right? Because he ate my mom’s laptop cord.” Ah, the honesty of kids. As if that weren’t enough to make me wonder if it’s ever possible to screen adopters enough, they had been feeding him not only the CRAPPIEST food you can buy, but it was GUINEA PIG food. They’re darn lucky it was not the other way around because if you feed a guinea pig rabbit food, it’ll DIE of scurvy.

On to doggies, because I’d had about enough of people at that point.

Here we are at Mutt Strut, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Despite my concerns with this organization, I decided to attend this year again. There’s something about a lot of pet lovers coming together to celebrate happy relationships with their animals while raising money for an org that does indeed find homes for homeless pets that made me want to participate. People go to this event because it’s fun, and that’s what we needed. And people need to see that they aren’t crazy for loving their pets–lots of other people do too. Thousands, in fact, judged by this event’s attendance.

BTW, this is part of the crash wall at the track. It doesn’t seem to be in very good shape!

Poor Casper’s tootsies didn’t hold up too well on the coarse Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, but a stop at one of the vet stations wrapped her sore feet and two little boys tried to give her water from their hands. It was very cute. Casper wanted to sleep in the shade, not finish the 2.5 mile racetrack walk!

We had two happy, tired dogs at the end. Casper’s feet didn’t bother her at all that night so all is well. And I finally saw another white collie! This one, Oreo, is about Casper’s age and was adopted from the Humane Society.

2 thoughts on “Where have all the hippies gone?

  1. Casper and that other dog look a lot alike. You should have put a fake mustache on one and taken a picture so you could have “Good Casper” and “Evil Casper”.

  2. Beautiful dogs! I love white Collies. 🙂 Sounds like you live near Indy. Did you know that we have an Indiana Collie Club?

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