Should I go to AA?



My keyboard did have to be replaced after the wine incident a couple of nights ago; space bar and enter were casualties. Apparently while connecting and testing the new one, the blog software saved a draft! The zeroes appeared when I plugged in the USB connector, not from typing.

Then there was another wine incident tonight. I knocked over a full glass again, this time while eating dinner, and the glass crashed into an empty glass also on the table, breaking both, and splattering wine on the couch, wall, me… and one side of Casper was also purple. Then she moved around and wiped the wine on two more walls. Geez.

Dinner in our apartment in Rome. Note the wine.
Dinner in Rome Italian wine
Somehow I asked for this red wine and how much it cost in Italian in a little grocery…

Feel free to suggest a caption for this one.
Ostia Antica headless sarcophagus

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