I went mountain biking for the first time in several years today, with someone from the cycling club at work so at least I didn’t get lost (or mugged). I did, however, fail to make it all the way up a hill, put my foot down onto nothing, and fell off the side onto a big rock with my bike on top of me and did this:

leg scrape from mountain biking scrape from mountain biking

The latter is after David tortured me with Betadine. The Betadine itself doesn’t hurt, but rubbing all over the scraped area sure does!

The place where I fell was only a couple of minutes from the end of the trail, right before an area named Tetanus Hill because an old rusty car is buried in (and sticking out of) the singletrack. My experienced guide fell off too not long after I did, so I didn’t feel like a complete idiot. I don’t remember ever getting hurt while biking before! It stings. I suppose it’s like running to Mom after scraping your knee. I just hadn’t had the pleasure in a long time, and Mom would have been WAY gentler with the cleanup.

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  1. Could I use your betadine bicep as a picture in my free chemistry website for medically oriented college students? Thank you for considering this request!

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