156ish: The six pound challenge

I had dinner with Nicole’s family last night (she made great veggie burgers from scratch, including the bulgur I bought at the cult), and we took a walk with little Ainsley after we ate. Nicole announced that she and Oz are having a six-pounds-in-six-weeks weight loss challenge for bragging rights and stamina at GenCon, and since it’s always helpful to have a kick in the pants, I decided to join the challenge.

I’ve never worried about my weight, but in the last year I learned it no longer maintains itself–some evil post-30 metabolism drop. I have to watch what I eat to some degree, and go out and get sweaty more often than I really want to, and fortunately that’s been enough. Usually. Sometimes I have to get really serious about it, so I’d better do it now before I have to buy new pants.

I’ve been back on fitday.com, a very useful site for tracking what you eat and how you exercise, and I finished the last piece of cheesecake before my weigh-in, so here we go!

So, folks, anyone want to join us? I can even give you guest posting access if you’d like to write your own entries about it. 🙂 You do not have to reveal your weight!

BTW, exciting dental update: Had a cleaning yesterday and I’m grinding my new teeth! I have to wear the guard or I’m going to crack $30k of work.

6 thoughts on “156ish: The six pound challenge

  1. I would love to join you, but I’m too pregnant to play along. I love fitday – they make keeping track so much easier.

    I added you to my blogroll, though, and I’ll definitely stop in & cheer you on!

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