“Hell is other people at breakfast.”

While deleting old email, I found this article, Caring For Your Introvert. What a great piece!

Most people in my life are not overbearing and respect my need for personal time (or maybe I just hang out with busy people so it all works out). And I’ve gotten better at dealing with the general public since I do so many volunteer shifts. But this is great:

Remember, someone you know, respect, and interact with every day is an introvert, and you are probably driving this person nuts.

7 thoughts on ““Hell is other people at breakfast.”

  1. I loved that article! Fortunately for us, most of the family are introverts. The nice thing is that we don’t argue with anyone. It takes too much talk to argue and disturbs our peace. We have, however, taken eye-rolling to an art form.
    Too bad an “Introvert Revolution” can’t happen. Besides being oxymoronic in concept, we introverts would rather stay at home and just think about how nice and quiet and peaceful it would be if we ruled the world.

  2. Love this. Have you MBTI’ed it up before? I’m an INFJ, which means that I act like an extrovert sometimes but am always really an introvert. But I married an INTP, which means that he needs extra introvert inattention.

  3. I’m INTJ, and isn’t it amazing when you read the blog of a person with same/similar type and think wow, I could’ve written that? There’s an affinity group of sorts on NaBloPoMo for INTJs which I’ve enjoyed browsing.

    I struggle w/my S.O.’s need for approval and praise, something that my type doesn’t need or want so much. It’s amazing what you can learn about another person by their typing.

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