I’m comin’ up!

We often speak for the dogs, who seem to have similar mock voices. Walt likes to be right with you and often climbs into David’s lap, even in an office chair. He says, “I’m comin’ up!”

Note the squeaky ball on the desk. Walt brought it over to play but Casper, aka The Fun Police, growls and barks when he squeaks it, so we have to put toys out of reach as they arrive. She says, “There will be no fun around here! I’m going to attack you for having that ball even though I don’t want it!” He never stops grinning (we call that look Cartoon Dog) even when she gives him the snarliest looks.

The ball is not particularly out of reach if you consider that when we are out of the room, Walt gets up on counters to grab what seems interesting and then chews up the items on the bed or under the dining room table. Last week he even took a souvenir magnet I got in Rome off the fridge and ate that. While we were out of town this weekend, he apparently got a new package of Patagonia socks off my tall dresser, tore a hole in the bag, and somehow got one of the socks to Casper who ate it and has been pooping it out for three days.

5 thoughts on “I’m comin’ up!

  1. Awww – Walt looks so pleased with himself! Is he magnetic now?

    Some dog at my apartment complex ate one of those rope toys recently because there’s rope poo all over the place.

  2. Did Walt bring the glass of wine too that’s on the desk too?

    When you’re gone does he climb up on the kitchen counter, pour himself a nice merlot and run his front paws across his face while sighing and saying, “People don’t understand how much energy it takes to be me… I need a vacation.”

  3. The magnet (Pinocchio) lost a leg and his head (with magnet) was off, but I put him back together so I think only the actual rope leg and wooden foot may have been consumed. Therefore, Walt should not be magnetic.

    Walt’s not so much a wine guy, but he has busted into a bag of medication and eaten that!

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