Little Hoosiers!!! (with enthusiasm)

Hey Matt! Check this out.

I still know all the words… I remember traveling to a school in Columbus to stay overnight for the yearly convention of the Little Hoosiers. Mrs. Chambers was our sponsor, and she was in her 40s and had braces. We made Indiana-shaped cookies at some club meetings and went to Feast of the Hunter’s Moon (would you believe I bought a rabbit pelt?) and Council Oak and Pierre Navarre Days. I was the secretary at least one year. I wasn’t popular enough to be President. We had a Sergeant-at-Arms too, but it’s not like elementary kids were that rowdy in the 80s. However, this is a mimeographed paper, and the room where they made the mimeos was also where they paddled the bad kids. Good old Nuner school.

I believe I still have my blue History Is Fun shirt from the club. I’ll have to find that.

Also in old-school coolness:
Pizza Tyme
Found my old sticker collection! It includes Garbage Pail Kids and a Michael Jackson sticker that came from a gumball machine.

Pizza Tyme sponsored my dad’s slow pitch softball team. We’d head down to the city parks to watch his games (or rather play in the park with the other players’ kids) and then go to Pizza Tyme afterward and say “Put it on my dad’s tab” to get all the Mountain Dew and pizza we wanted. We played Gorgon pinball, and on the jukebox was Eye of the Tiger, Beat It, Thriller, I Just Called To Say I Love You, and Elvira. I miss Pizza Tyme. It was on the Memorial Day parade route, too, which we went to every year.

One time I got sand in my eye at the playground and had to go to the hospital to get it out. And I remember driving to a game in the new Green Bomber, a crummy old green Buick my dad bought from the neighbor’s son that had to be hit in just the right spot to get out the passenger door. I thought it had a “new car smell” because it was new to me!

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  1. I’m still bitter about Little Hoosiers. Mrs. Chambers said if we were in it the full three years (4th-6th grade) we would get a “special award”. I was in it all three years and was even vice-president one year and recorded a public service announcement for a public radio station about how fun it was to learn history. But I never got my “special award” because I missed the last 3 weeks of school with pneumonia and therefore I missed the awards assembly. Mom went to go pick up my stuff at the end of the school year and they had nothing for me. She gipped me. At that moment history stopped being fun! All my screaming at the end of the pledge (I-N-D-I-A-N-A, INDIANA!) was for not. I hope those bracers screwed up her teeth.

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