A thing I can’t live without


I get quizzed a lot about these. I wear them ALL the time at work because my hands are always cold, especially the mousing hand. My mom then knitted a couple pair too! I also bought them for a coworker one year since she was always cold.

And no, that’s not me in the picture, but it looks like one I might take. It even looks like my Where’s Waldo turtleneck that everyone hated but I loved. They hated the pink and navy striped one more, though.

Anyway, there is a rare sale on them. All in stock items are 15% off through September 1. Apply the code LABOR2008 at checkout at wristies.com. Good luck navigating the website… they also sell through third parties so you may have seen them elsewhere.

I also saw a similar item in the Athleta catalog recently if you want to be trendier and broker.

And now a few pictures from an 18ish-mile ride the other day after work on the White River Trail and back down Central through the hood. I discovered later that my tires are way low on air which might explain why the bike felt even heavier than usual.

White River Parkway

White River Parkway

bikes on Central, Indy

And finally, more proof that people who make and paint signs are often idiots. (Right under the WANTED part in case you aren’t drawn to it immediately like I was.)

4 thoughts on “A thing I can’t live without

  1. My hands are usually freezing at work too, especially the mouse one, but it’s my fingers that bother me so I don’t think the wristie would do me much good. Very sassy though – makes you look tough!

  2. Not if you get purple ones! Or penguins!

    My mouse fingers are still cold, but it’s WAY better than when I don’t wear them. Then both hands are completely cold.

  3. My 13-year old LOVES wristies — though it’s not for reasons of comfort. She fancies herself a kind of rocker-goth.

    Thanks for the comment on your friend’s storm shelter — hahahaaa.

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