I am behind. A couple of weeks ago we went camping and caving at Mammoth Cave Nat’l Park with friends. Highlights: a challenging cave tour requiring helmets, headlights, kneepads, and a girth less than 42″ to fit through tight openings (the belly crawl through the Keyhole was messiest). Sleeping in a leaky tent in an all-night storm. A bird pooping on me while I napped in a chair. The Fire Masters mastering the fire…

David and I are thinking about going back in late fall to try another in-the-dirt tour. With a new dry tent.

Remember the other day, about two posts ago, when I mentioned we get a lot of packages shipped to our house and I felt guilty about all the packaging? This arrived that same day from Amazon:

You could have mailed adult humans in those boxes. And the lids to the gray storage containers arrived separately in another big box!

Check out the steamy action shot: David made a yummy tomato sauce the other day from tomatoes and basil in our backyard. Not enough are coming ripe currently so I supplemented today with tomatoes from the Farmers’ Market held in the park a block away.

No, we don’t have cabinet doors yet.

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