Latest from the camera, Labor Day

My aunt’s new dog from the pound, Annie. My mom was going to adopt her, decided the time wasn’t right, and my aunt had decided she wanted her instead!

Annie and Sophie (doggie sisters) in an action shot

Dad was a secret doggie lover all along

Dad and Mom have adopted a new doggie too now, but if they don’t send me pictures…

While I doubt this is a “Happy Chicken,” it’s one of the more realistic restaurant signs I guess. Most would show an actually happy-looking chicken, not one plucked and jumping on a flaming grill (with sombrero and cowboy boots, of course). This sign has freaked me out for years.
Pollo Alegre, Indianapolis eastside

The big claws taking down a building at work, one chunk at a time

This sign is so old and the building has been torn down for some time that I wonder why the letters look so recent (can they not spell, or did the C blow away and the other letters blow together?). The annoying part is the brand new building someone is putting here in an already dead section of town with plenty of boarded up buildings they could use instead. I have a real problem with the double whammy of using all those resources AND not taking the opportunity to address urban blight.

That’s about it. Labor Day weekend so far: gym, gave blood, looked at bikes, LONG nap. To come: painting, mowing, Petco-ing, and hopefully more naps and less of work calling me.

2 thoughts on “Latest from the camera, Labor Day

  1. I went to play frisbee golf on Saturday and we stopped to quench our thirsts afterward at a gas station. That’s where I saw a sign you would love. I wanted to take a picture but had forgotten my cell. It said: “Delicious” patsys.

    I believe it was meant to be delicious pastries, since it was hovering over a bunch of bears claws and such. But maybe they truly meant those were terrible tasting fall-guys.

    By the way…. I BOUGHT A WII! WHEEEEEEE!

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