Your vote needed: paint the thingy?

The house as purchased, with unruly yews and seafoam-green interior to the porch (it could not be removed from the inside brick and the whole thing had to get painted, sorry folks)

The house yesterday, with primer (I kept calling it Powder)

The house today, with two paint colors applied. Trim work has not been done yet, which will be white where you still see the gray primer.

So do we paint that thingy sticking out from the front of the bricks? I think it’s a block put in where a drain used to be, and I won’t tell you who thinks it should match the trim and who thinks it should be brown like the bricks around it. What is your vote?

The house wall was supposed to be a gray but it came out peachy, though this picture at dusk isn’t the clearest. The brown was supposed to be darker and redder. I still like it, though! I took the paint chips out in the sun to decide but still got a surprise.

Foliage to follow, once we remove the rest of the roots.

9 thoughts on “Your vote needed: paint the thingy?

  1. I vote brown like the bricks. My old house had a couple of those off the porch… is it just like a hole so water can drain off? I’d guess the plants’ll grow up and cover the spout eventually anyway. If you let us vote on the plants, I’d vote ornamental grasses. Lovely! (and some can be bunny snacks!)

    It’s such a cute place. Congratulations!

  2. Same as the brick. You paint your trim a contrasting color so it will stand out and call attention to itself. Do you want to call attention to a drain? It looks a pimple on an otherwise unblemished face. Put makeup on the pimple: Paint it the same as the brick.

  3. I am going to buck the general trend here and say that it should be white.

    Take a look unpainted brick porches from houses of this period, and you’ll see that most of the porch drains have some sort of trim around them. The trim is usually limestone or concrete and matches the horizontal trim at the top. Now it sounds as if this is really some sort of plug that was later inserted in the drain, but I still think you should follow the concept and mimic the historical look.

  4. Okay, I really hate to be in the Dad boat but I have to say it should be white like the trim. I think it will look very clean and sharp if it matches the trim. I don’t think it will stand out like a pimple (gross). Although I know I’m out voted I better not hear the reason is because I’m a guy and don’t know color. I picked the colors for our bathroom and the rest of the rooms in our house and I think they look good.

    My 2nd vote would be to paint it fuchsia, just because it would be funny.

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