Exciting news in the world of dryer sheets

My lost dryer sheets are back! They just changed clothes. Now they’re called Simplicity, but they’re still cheap, sold where I get other groceries, biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Now I don’t have to ration that same box I’ve been using for months. I found them in unscented and lavender.

I recently installed Office 2007 on my new computer, which is running XP. The background color in Excel (and I guess all Office programs) is a medium dull gray, which would be fine, except there’s not enough contrast with the light blue gridlines in the worksheet for me to see any of them. I played around with the Excel displays and help and other than changing borders and such (which I’m not always using… I’m just dealing with a blank worksheet), I’m not finding a way to apply more contrast. There are three color schemes I can choose but they all have the same problem. Maybe I need to change my Windows theme? I’m noticing the same gray in this edit box. Hmmm.

Cool things in recycling: I was at one of the local bike shops this weekend getting cheap holiday-sale socks, and they are collecting otherwise non-recyclable energy/granola bar wrappers as part of a program that makes the wrappers into bags. In Indy, drop your wrappers at BGI North and they’ll send them in!

2 thoughts on “Exciting news in the world of dryer sheets

  1. I think I’ve been using the same generic (albeit ungreen) box of drier sheets for the past 2 years. I use the clothesline when I can, and if I use the drier, I often cut the sheets in half. These Simplicity ones sound great… I like anything I can safely put in my compost pile(s). Website says they’re at Megalomart… might be reason to brave the blue menace. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! (Also, thanks for the link to the original drier sheets post… a friend had been looking for a place to get second-hand kitchen cabinets and PRESTO! your post linked me to the H4H Homestore!)

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