Nabbing another stray

Look who Dawn caught!

This little bunny was running loose in a westside Indianapolis neighborhood. Homeowners called us after the little stray ate their flowers and camped out for a few days, so we brought out a posse and some folding fences and Dawn played predator, nabbing Tegan when she hopped out from under the deck where she’d been hanging out. Tegan saw the vet, who says she’s been outside at least a month (based on her teeth, which look different since she’s been foraging rather than eating a pelleted diet), and we’re trying to figure out what caused bumps and scabs all over her body. Vet’s best guess is that she got in a nest of seed ticks and is still healing.

In even worse news of local people being irresponsible with their pets, someone dumped a domestic rabbit into a pen where two Rottweilers were living, presumably to watch the show. Why else would someone put a rabbit in a Rottie pen? Fortunately the dogs just barked and the dogs’ owner saved the bunny. People are rotten.

We’ll lighten things up a bit:

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