New pigs!

I adopted two new pigs from one of our vets in Lafayette last week, who rescues them as well as about anything else (anyone need a pigeon?). I had already arranged to adopt the boy before Cappy died, so then I added a second pig so he’d have a friend.

This is Frisco. I fell for his picture online because he’s a teddy breed and similarly marked to my very first pig, Frisky. I named her that when I was nine because she made a lot of noise and was “frisky” the first night I had her (got her for ten bucks with cage and supplies in a newspaper ad… who knew I’d be recycling pets my whole life!). I figure Frisco is a better name but gives homage to the legacy anyway.

Frisco was given away to someone through the Lafayette Freecycle (don’t get me started on allowing pet giveaways on there), then the new owner had “allergies.”

And this is Sparkles, who needs a new name. Please suggest one. Sparkles was owned by an old lady in the Terre Haute area who was feeding her suet and birdseed. These are not appropriate foods for a guinea pig, in case anyone else was not aware. I picked Sparkles because she seemed to get along with Frisco in their brief date.

Walt has been fascinated by the pigs since they’re currently on the floor. They have a divider in the cage for now while Frisco’s neuter heals.

Nicole, Yorick‘s friend came to visit our porch this weekend!

This one’s in Broad Ripple. I’ve been driving past it for quite some time and finally bothered to capture the triple apostrophe abuse.

6 thoughts on “New pigs!

  1. Congratulations!

    How about something classic like Jane or Elizabeth, or something peppy like Francesca or Rita? My pigs are still Pig A and Pig B, and they answer to each!

    Does this vet in Lafayette do pig fixes? I’d like to get my 2 boys fixed… maybe they wouldn’t scrap as much?

  2. Welcome to the family Frisco! (Funny ’cause I call Abbs “frisky” all the time!)

    As for Sparkles, my suggestions are: Henrietta, Jane, or Ms. Beaverhausen.

    Walt looks adorable observing the piggies! He’s prolly gathering data for his thesis. 😉

  3. AND I listened to Jefferson Starship’s “Jane” on XM the other day and was talking about it to David! Perhaps she’ll become Janie… Ok, that’s a reach, but I may name her that anyway

    TMC: my vet does do pig neuters, and they’re cheaper than the vets who do them down in Indy. I can send you info.

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