Happy Halloween

I am wearing my candy corn socks! But I turned off the automatic porch light because we aren’t giving out candy. I guess that makes us scrooges. That’s not true; we just don’t like kids much. 😀

The weather is nice today so I rode the bike to work, but managed to lose a nut and bolt on part of a pedal (shops guys at work hooked me up) and my bike computer flew off somewhere. Now I don’t know how fast I’m going, what time it is, or how far I’ve gone! I’m also out $55. I have another one but I’m hoping I’ll magically find the lost one on the way home today. I also broke the shower when I got to the locker room.

Something cute I found while clicking around: Tofu for Obama

This ties in nicely because I was reading a Mallard Fillmore comic last night where kids were complaining about trick-or-treating at houses with Obama signs (we have one) because they gave out tofu (ate it for lunch), baby greens (also had it in my lunch), and CFLs (got some of those too). Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. But I wouldn’t give out markers and Dentyne like that too-responsible lady in our neighborhood did when we were kids.

Coming very soon:

Fridays are good for complaining

Well, I drafted this post last Friday but never finished it, and then it became more than complaints anyway. Today’s excitement: I got a new keyboard at work (my fourth this year) and as of 2 p.m. I have 11 protocols and a 30-page evaluation to review before I go home. Not likely.

Someone smushed the Obama sign in our yard less than 24 hours after we posted it.

Saw this last night. TWO awesome mistakes! I made David turn around so I could take the picture.

David found rabbit poop in his pocket and blamed me.

Quotable janitorial services!

Did you know you can go to jail for virtual murder if you try to cover it up?

I think apparent reductions in meth labs/sales aren’t due so much to the pharmacy limits on quantities purchased, but rather the hassle of waiting forever to buy Sudafed. It took me ten minutes to wait in line behind people getting real prescriptions, and then the cashier had to fill out a book on her screen with my driver’s license info, then I had to sign a bunch of stuff. I’m going to have to pay more attention to Breaking Bad to figure out how to make this process more efficient–that kid had to go around buying a lot of Sudafed (and I’m not breaking into warehouses to get raw materials to make my own!).

The final rant became so long that it deserves its own post, mostly because if this gets any longer no one will read it. It’s about exciting email domain changes! Now I know you’ll be back.

Eastside pub crawl

This weekend we attended a Halloween pub crawl on East Washington Street to benefit NESCO, an org to promote/preserve history for the east side of Indy (we live in Irvington, a historic district about a block from their eastern boundary, but we share an interest in east side happenings). Our friend George organized it and has been part of the event for several years. We went to Zonie’s, Golden Ace, the Liederkranz, Butler Inn, and the Catalina; there were two staggered groups and a bus transported us to each bar. It was a lot of fun, but the Catalina had some seriously creepy locals. We had to circle the wagons a few times, and while I haven’t been out to dive bars in awhile, my women’s college training kicked in quickly and we kept track of each other closely during bathroom trips and such. The only semi-creepy guy on our bus was Indiana Jones, so we helped our single friends avoid his boob grabbing and (sometimes successful) attempts at making out with others on the bus. At the end of the night we went back to Zonie’s where we stayed for part of the drag show.

Boarding the bus, just like elementary school!

Goth girl helps Ashley Todd reapply the B scratched in her face. (Ashley/George organized our trip)

Choir at the Liederkranz, a German-language singing club. This place reminded me of going to Belgian Club with Dad when I was a kid. They served us dinner, and while our organizer helpfully arranged for them to have a non-meat soup available for me, everyone else had eaten it before I got to the serving line! I had a hotdog bun, coffee cake, and bundt cake for dinner. (We hit Steak-n-Shake after it was all over to supplement my remaining alcoholic dinner.)

Ms. Star Trek borrowed someone’s pimp hat

Mr. Star Trek, the Joker, and a runner guy at Butler Inn. I think the guy at the jukebox was some kind of hipster. He noted that his Hot Topic pants were awfully tight.

Joe the Plumber opens beer at the Catalina with her hat-mounted opener

I went with Father Thyme, who was going to be Father Time but didn’t have an hourglass (I suggested a wall clock around his neck but the idea wasn’t supposed to get too Flava-Flav). He also considered being Jason Priest-ly, pairing the clerical collar with a Jason hockey mask (and probably fake sideburns) but we figured it would be hard to drink beer through a hockey mask. Also, he was trying to do all this an hour before we had to leave.

80s Rocker Guy (we were calling him Richie Sambora, couldn’t think of a better match) dug my costume, which at this point included Bud Light bottlecap earrings I won on the bus raffle. He wore black and white tiger-striped tights and by the end of the night couldn’t stand them any more, switching to jeans at the drag show.

Joe the Plumber, Mike TV, and a shrouded-skeletony-guy drinking crappy beer

Old Happy Day’s

Shadeland-area Indy grammar finds!

Seriously, GALARY? Is it for gals? (Or is that gal’s perhaps?)

Overheard at the Vatican Museum in June (yes, I record random things on slips of paper and then lose them for months):

One gay guy to another:
Are you kidding? I harvest artichokes every eight days. We’ve been together three years and one month and you didn’t know that?

In other news, David and I went to Oktoberfest as hosted by Nicole and family, where I was famous amongst those who had seen me on TV. More dorky pictures of me at KNH’s site! She brews her own beer for this mostly-annual occasion AND made vegetarian sausages. Cook those in butter and top with buttery sauteed onions and garlicky beer gravy, and I dare you to complain about the lack of dead animal!

Next weekend is a pub crawl, costumed, in the (I assume) crummy bars along East Washington Street, a location which has come up so frequently lately it practically needs its own blog. I need costume ideas or it’s Raggedy Ann again! I’m thinking I’d make a good hippie but I refuse to spend money on that costume and yet don’t know enough local closets to raid. I also considered going as Stevie Nicks on a recent PBS concert but I lack a top hat and witchy looking outfit.

Waning sunny afternoons

My dog may have an eating disorder.

Those are our tattered bedsheets, which Casper has been tearing and eating. This was the day after she had eaten another sheet. I thought maybe they just smelled dirty (kind of like how she likes to eat dirty socks and pants crotches), so I put these clean sheets on and she ate them too. Now I’m out of top sheets. She gets on her bed and scratches at the end of ours until she has something to shred. We used to have a dust ruffle around the bed but she ate that too.

This would be in addition to the other weird things she’s eaten lately, not to mention raiding the recycling bin to chew up junk mail. At least it wasn’t another zipper (from these shorts).

I discovered David does not know how to make the bed (not a shocker) because the comforter is on sideways in the picture.

This weekend a pet club at work rented out half of one of the local bark parks. I used to take the dogs to the parks but now it’s $75 PER DOG each year, and that’s only for a single park’s access, not any of the others. I can’t afford it anymore. We were glad to get the free day!

Hi! Can I eat your clothes/bed/vegetables/mail/Kleenex/coasters?

Walt navigates the pack while Casper and a therapy-dog-in-training do tail synchro. Yes, that’s a hairless dog in the background

Walk this way


Fat vs skinny snout

Done smelling butts

Dork alert! (I’m on TV)

For my first media appearance NOT associated with rabbits, I bring you: bike lane press conference.

(No, not the prostitution arrest. That’s a different headline. Nor am I the pregnant mother who gave drugs to her kids.)

Due to limitations in software at work, I can’t link to the video directly, but let’s just say I was interviewed (and also by another station, Channel 13, which I also can’t see). Check back later for the words of wisdom.

Channel 6 story/video Quoted and videoed (~1:35), geez

“I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position.”

(Mark Twain)

I think my Halloween costume will be a hobo who has lost all her money in her 401(k). Suze Orman gives me hope; she says we’ll have a healthy economy again around 2015. I already lost an offer on the house thanks to the economic mess. Guys in my office are giving blow-by-blow accounts of the market’s happenings, buying and selling from their desks. I’m sitting tight and getting further from retirement every moment (lost over a third of my plan so far this year), but trusting the idea that since I have twenty years or more to wait it out, it’ll be good in the end. Right?

I wanted to use this quote as my philosophy on money, but the Mark Twain one is honestly closer to the truth.

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.
Cree Indian Proverb

I guess I still have room for growth if I only value the important stuff after my retirement and savings are funded.

Indy Bikeways: group rides, free food!

10.14.08 ETA: In the event of rain, this announcement and breakfast will be held inside the Athenaeum, specifically in the Kellersaal Room located in the Rathskeller Restaurant.

A little more on the bike plan/lanes announcement next Wednesday. Join the group downtown by coming on a group ride and having free breakfast! RSVP by Sunday, Oct 12 for the food.

Bicycling Announcement by Mayor Ballard – Wed, Oct 15th

Mayor Ballard will be holding a press conference on the morning of Wednesday, October 15th at 9:30am announcing his intention to make Indianapolis a bicycle friendly city and endorsing a bike lane plan for the City of Indianapolis. It is critical that we have a strong showing of Central Indiana cyclists attend this press conference showing support for the Mayor’s commitment. There will be eight organized rides into the city from various points (similar to the routes on Bike to Work Day – 2008) which will all converge downtown at the Press Conference at Mass Ave and Michigan Street. Plan to ride, bring along a friend or co-worker, and show your support of bicycling in the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. A free breakfast will be served! If you will be joining us for any of the eight group rides to downtown and/or will be attending the pre-Press Conference Breakfast, please take the time to RSVP here by Sunday, October 12th.

Schedule of Events – Wednesday, October 15th

7:00am – 8:00am – Bicyclists commute downtown to the triangular park formed by Mass Ave and Michigan Street (click here for start locations, routes and ride leaders)

8:30am – 9:30am – Free breakfast provided by LePeep Restaurant – Coffee, Juice, Pastries, Bagels and Fruit

9:30am – 10:30am – Mayor Ballard’s Press Conference

If you will be joining us for any of the 8 group rides to downtown or will be attending the pre-Press Conference Breakfast, please take the time to RSVP here by Sunday, October 12th. See you there!

From bgindy.com

The thief

First she discovered the rotten tomatoes we’d pitched to the side of the yard. Then she started staying out longer, coming in smelling like tomato plants. Sometimes juicy seeds and flesh would fall out of her mouth as she came up the back stairs. Now, instead of being sneaky, she just stays buried in the plants, eating the fruits as she finds them. Even green ones.

Last week she ate David’s pajama pants and pooped out a sock immediately after, plus she has a poop-eating ritual as well, so I guess tomatoes are the least of her GI’s problems.