Fridays are good for complaining

Well, I drafted this post last Friday but never finished it, and then it became more than complaints anyway. Today’s excitement: I got a new keyboard at work (my fourth this year) and as of 2 p.m. I have 11 protocols and a 30-page evaluation to review before I go home. Not likely.

Someone smushed the Obama sign in our yard less than 24 hours after we posted it.

Saw this last night. TWO awesome mistakes! I made David turn around so I could take the picture.

David found rabbit poop in his pocket and blamed me.

Quotable janitorial services!

Did you know you can go to jail for virtual murder if you try to cover it up?

I think apparent reductions in meth labs/sales aren’t due so much to the pharmacy limits on quantities purchased, but rather the hassle of waiting forever to buy Sudafed. It took me ten minutes to wait in line behind people getting real prescriptions, and then the cashier had to fill out a book on her screen with my driver’s license info, then I had to sign a bunch of stuff. I’m going to have to pay more attention to Breaking Bad to figure out how to make this process more efficient–that kid had to go around buying a lot of Sudafed (and I’m not breaking into warehouses to get raw materials to make my own!).

The final rant became so long that it deserves its own post, mostly because if this gets any longer no one will read it. It’s about exciting email domain changes! Now I know you’ll be back.

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