Happy Halloween

I am wearing my candy corn socks! But I turned off the automatic porch light because we aren’t giving out candy. I guess that makes us scrooges. That’s not true; we just don’t like kids much. 😀

The weather is nice today so I rode the bike to work, but managed to lose a nut and bolt on part of a pedal (shops guys at work hooked me up) and my bike computer flew off somewhere. Now I don’t know how fast I’m going, what time it is, or how far I’ve gone! I’m also out $55. I have another one but I’m hoping I’ll magically find the lost one on the way home today. I also broke the shower when I got to the locker room.

Something cute I found while clicking around: Tofu for Obama

This ties in nicely because I was reading a Mallard Fillmore comic last night where kids were complaining about trick-or-treating at houses with Obama signs (we have one) because they gave out tofu (ate it for lunch), baby greens (also had it in my lunch), and CFLs (got some of those too). Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. But I wouldn’t give out markers and Dentyne like that too-responsible lady in our neighborhood did when we were kids.

Coming very soon:

1 thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. My house’ll be dark too, also not for scroogey reasons unless me not liking children and not liking to share my candy with anybody makes me scroogey. I guess it does, but whatev.

    I work with a guy whose wife plans to pass out goodie bags containing a piece of candy along with a religious tract warning of the hazards of witchcraft. It’s un-ecumenical of me, but I kind of hope one of the kids is dressed as a witch and throws the Mrs. a raspberry. And that some other kid(s) come armed with eggs.

    Well, look at that. Looks like too much sugar makes me mean. And wordy. No more Reeses for me.

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