Old Happy Day’s

Shadeland-area Indy grammar finds!

Seriously, GALARY? Is it for gals? (Or is that gal’s perhaps?)

Overheard at the Vatican Museum in June (yes, I record random things on slips of paper and then lose them for months):

One gay guy to another:
Are you kidding? I harvest artichokes every eight days. We’ve been together three years and one month and you didn’t know that?

In other news, David and I went to Oktoberfest as hosted by Nicole and family, where I was famous amongst those who had seen me on TV. More dorky pictures of me at KNH’s site! She brews her own beer for this mostly-annual occasion AND made vegetarian sausages. Cook those in butter and top with buttery sauteed onions and garlicky beer gravy, and I dare you to complain about the lack of dead animal!

Next weekend is a pub crawl, costumed, in the (I assume) crummy bars along East Washington Street, a location which has come up so frequently lately it practically needs its own blog. I need costume ideas or it’s Raggedy Ann again! I’m thinking I’d make a good hippie but I refuse to spend money on that costume and yet don’t know enough local closets to raid. I also considered going as Stevie Nicks on a recent PBS concert but I lack a top hat and witchy looking outfit.

3 thoughts on “Old Happy Day’s

  1. I tried to get a group of people to dress as competing fast food icons (Wendy from Wendy’s, Hamburglar, the Burger King, Long John Silver, Cornel Sanders, etc… but everyone bailed on the idea. I think Andrea and I are dressing as Sarah Palin and a bloody, shot moose.

  2. Niiiice… actually, I thought about being Wendy! If I decide to put some time into it I’m thinking of Medusa or an Oompa Loompa, but I may just go as a farmer and use Uncle Walt’s old overalls. Need a straw hat… and I know Mom has one! Darnit. Or I’ll just be Raggedy Ann… but I think I need new striped tights.

  3. I also received much praise for my half-assed costume, “Superman on his day off”. I wore my Superman robe mom made me along with slippers and slovenly attire and had a remote in one pocket and a beer in my hand. Quite easy, but also a crowd pleaser.

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