To the people making out on the sidewalk

and everyone else on East Washington Street during rush hour,

Sorry I fell off my bike in front of you. Thank you for not laughing so I could hear it.

To the person at work with the contraband first aid kit,

Thanks for the gauze, tape, and ointment!

5 thoughts on “To the people making out on the sidewalk

  1. Oh! Clearly E. Washington is out to get us. I’m working on a theory that it’s not happy about all the construction and repaving when it used to have a rail line and should have a rail line again.

    Was it the sight of people making out on the street that knocked you off your bike? Hope you’re ok after your spill.

  2. Yowch – and on E. Washington of all places! Glad you’re OK. You didn’t let a pimp talk you into working for him did you? 😉

    P.S. Ellen’s gone vegan! I love the idea that she might be able to promote change at P & G!

  3. @TMC: I think they were just bored waiting for the bus! No, I didn’t fall because they distracted me… at least I don’t think so.

    @Mymsie: I didn’t hear that about Ellen yet, but she’s been pretty cool all along. Oprah does things for a month and everyone gets all excited, but I think Ellen could have staying power and secretly get us all to follow her w/o meaning to.

  4. Did you get the email press release about Mayor Ballard’s “aggressive new greening plan”? What’s your take on it?

    I may (or may not) mosey over on Friday to see what he’s got to say…

  5. Yes, I got it… was going to blog about it next, along with one I got a few days back for his bike-friendly city program. There’s a different press release for that next week.

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