Waning sunny afternoons

My dog may have an eating disorder.

Those are our tattered bedsheets, which Casper has been tearing and eating. This was the day after she had eaten another sheet. I thought maybe they just smelled dirty (kind of like how she likes to eat dirty socks and pants crotches), so I put these clean sheets on and she ate them too. Now I’m out of top sheets. She gets on her bed and scratches at the end of ours until she has something to shred. We used to have a dust ruffle around the bed but she ate that too.

This would be in addition to the other weird things she’s eaten lately, not to mention raiding the recycling bin to chew up junk mail. At least it wasn’t another zipper (from these shorts).

I discovered David does not know how to make the bed (not a shocker) because the comforter is on sideways in the picture.

This weekend a pet club at work rented out half of one of the local bark parks. I used to take the dogs to the parks but now it’s $75 PER DOG each year, and that’s only for a single park’s access, not any of the others. I can’t afford it anymore. We were glad to get the free day!

Hi! Can I eat your clothes/bed/vegetables/mail/Kleenex/coasters?

Walt navigates the pack while Casper and a therapy-dog-in-training do tail synchro. Yes, that’s a hairless dog in the background

Walk this way


Fat vs skinny snout

Done smelling butts

2 thoughts on “Waning sunny afternoons

  1. Actually she has an iron stomach and NEVER seems to become ill no matter what she eats, plus everything comes out super normal (other than embedded socks etc). We have her on the super expensive healthy food too. I think she just needs Prozac, which has been true from Day One.

    We’re worried about Walt right now, who is chewing and scratching at himself and doesn’t want to eat. I wish he had the appetite Casper has.

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