Can’t talk, I’m bonding bunnies

I made Joey and Arliss ride in a laundry basket for several hours yesterday and today while I drove to visit family, and now I’m supervising their time together in a pen at home. So far so good. Some kissing, some humping, no injuries! Bonding bunnies is an art.

Also: If there are two lanes open to the left of me on the interstate, I’m in lane three w/cruise going 60 in a 55, traffic is somewhat congested, and there’s a lane to the right of me, what would you think of a tanker truck flashing his lights behind you, then passing on the right at about 75 mph blowing his horn? Obviously he wanted me to get out of his way. I think he was traveling way too fast given the busy area and his size and flammable load. I thought he wanted me to move out of his way, but it wasn’t like I was being poky nor blocking two available passing lanes (I don’t think he’s restricted from the far left lane in that area). I honked back. Is it smarter to just get out of the way (and he could have been flashing at someone about passing; how should I know?) since he’s big and barrelling through, or do I stand my ground even though I’m in a compact car and would lose the fight?

Home safe anyway. G’night from the Joey and Arliss wedding.

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