Day off!

Actually five days off. I needed to use up some vacation.

Today: got up early anyway, took Jeep in (I was going to thank David for using the compressor to fill the flat tire and going with me to drop off the vehicle for repair, but the tire was flat due to a drywall screw, which is probably his fault), found a laborer for David’s job AND didn’t have to do it myself, dug up the rest of the yew roots, planted four shrubs and a bunch of bulbs, watched the gossipy neighbor make his rounds and even call the Health Department on another neighbor, took bike in for tune-up, got gas for $1.85. Productive day! Maybe painting tomorrow if the weather holds.

My patient while his family is on vacation:

Either I’m really good at sub-Q fluids or he’s just lonely enough that he still purrs throughout the treatment. We cuddled for awhile too.

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