According to Genderanalyzer, there’s a 61% chance that a woman writes this blog.

This one is really bizarre: according to Typealyzer, I’m an ESFP personality (or at least my blog is written that way). That happens to be exactly the opposite of my pretty well established INTJ! Seriously, I’m “entertaining and friendly”?? They even suggest I use their “I am a feeler” widget.

Meanwhile I write 16% like Mark Twain according to oFaust, where I copied in all of my current page’s text. This may be more like him than you would think, because I copied in an excerpt of Huckleberry Finn and it told me it was 25% like Mark Twain. It thought a Scarlet Letter excerpt was 39% Poe. I gave it Grapes of Wrath and it thought it was 56% like Frank Baum. And then I gave it Goethe’s Faust and it said it was 86% like Goethe, so at least it knows its namesake.

Someone farted (hint: not me), and David thought the frequency was about 180 Hz. He hit it on the piano, saw it was an F, related it to an A in a major third, did some math, and came up with 176 Hz. I feel like I should be impressed but he was just singing along with a fart.

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  1. Hmmm, must check this out.

    You want to hear something weird about the Meyer’s Briggs? For years, I was a classic ENFP, to the point that a new boss sat down with me after a week on the job and said “ENFP, right?” The last two times I took it, I somehow changed to an ENTJ. Let’s see what the Gendeanalyizer says

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