Flabby eyelids

So my old lop Arliss has something like entropion, where her eyelids tend to fold into the eye and cause irritations. She pretty much has extra tissue in the area and I’m supposed to apply ointment to reduce irritation. My vet swears eyelid surgery is common but I have yet to meet another bunny person to have it done and I’m a bit skeptical.

I actually took her in today for a growth in her ear, but we talked eyelids and had a minor tooth adjustment too. A couple hundred bucks later, the ear growth has been cut off, but meanwhile she screamed as they put her under anesthesia which was pretty creepy. Arliss is about nine and seems pretty healthy to me, but some days she does look a little ragged. I was surprised to find out she weighs less than 4.5 pounds; I think the other pound or so I thought she had must have just been attitude.

Arliss now has a cute bandage on her loppy ear. Of course I can’t leave it on too long or she may lose circulation in the area, but I can’t take it off too soon or she might bleed since the area of the apparent fibroid growth was pretty vascularized. She is now gorked up on Buprenex and kind of lolling away the afternoon. Joey accompanied her today and they get to hang out together while I keep an eye on her. I’m surprised she isn’t messing with the bandage on her ear (and neither is he).

I came home to find three cop cars and a couple other vehicles blocking the street in front of my house. It somehow involves the next door neighbors (the ones another neighbor called the Health Department on last week) and Walt is being very obvious about spying on the activities under the curtains. I’m just glad the dogs aren’t barking at the people out there. I’ve also discovered during these last few days off that all the drama happens during the workday! I wonder what else I’ve missed.

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  1. Wild buns scream when they are caught and right before they are killed… and a few buns do it in other circumstances, like being gassed down. I hadn’t heard it before. 🙁 She mostly grunts and growls at me, so I guess she’s just a more vocal rabbit. She’s also half deaf, so maybe she doesn’t “modulate” her noises as much as other rabbits?

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