Fridge Friday: Happy Birthday edition

Today is David’s birthday! Unfortunately one planned gift didn’t pan out and now I have nothing for him. The pleasure of living with me ought to be enough, right?

David wrestles with Walt, who pretends to eat us on a regular basis. After being a stray puppy he lived with a Rottie and a Doberman and they taught him all about fun play with a soft bite, so it’s actually pretty entertaining to fight with him. Of course sometimes he just ambushes you, especially when walking in the yard, so you have to be on your toes.

Love of dogs definitely played into David and I getting along so well from the beginning. Dogs and politics are probably the only major similarities we have, though (I’m trying not to count inattention to an immaculate household here too). I’m not mechanically inclined, but he can make or fix about anything. He’s also good at breaking stuff. His trade is roughly trim carpentry, hence the lovely custom cabinets surrounding the fridge submission below. Lacking money and time, though, means the face frames and doors have not yet been built! He does most aspects of remodeling so this relatively crummy bungalow now sports real wainscoting, slate and travertine floors and walls, a finished basement, a privacy fence put together with pocket holes, and even strange security measures like a blue LED that comes on at the back door if any of the gates are left open. That is pretty handy for the dogs but may have been a bigger pain to install than the excitement about this idea compensated.

David is also an excellent pianist and even got his degree in music, which is why he’s a contractor. 🙂 While I did fine at violin when I was a kid, I certainly don’t have a tenth of the natural talent David does. I don’t get how someone can listen to something and just bang it out without sheet music. He also sings well, something I certainly can’t claim. Someday I’d love to buy him a baby grand, but it won’t be this birthday. Nor would it fit in this tiny house.

I’m sure you can see why our freezer space stresses me out. We need a new fridge, but I know people get by with small ones. It’s just the American Dream, as Dad would say, to have a giant fridge. So do we really need one? I can’t justify the purchase but I won’t say if this one died I would be all that sad about getting a bigger Energy Star replacement. Can’t beat a free refrigerator, though.

9 thoughts on “Fridge Friday: Happy Birthday edition

  1. Thanks everyone! Maybe he’ll actually read this for once if I tell him there are BD wishes.

    Going out for sushi w/friends tonight!

    Re: bookcases, he did some SWEET custom cherry ones for some rich folks up your way not too long ago. He specializes in custom cabinets, built-ins, etc. He’s not cheap though! I can let him know you’re interested, or feel free to take a look at his (not recently updated) Home Refinements website listed in my sidebar. There’s an email contact there.

    Re: header, I finally spent some time to update and found a decent site with lots of free images at

  2. I know this is a random “comment”….but is the rowing machine still for sale? If so, where are you located? I may be interested.



  3. Big Dave’s birthday! I know what you could get him that he’d appreciate, a Wii! Then he could beat the crap out of me on online boxing. Happy birthday David.

    We need a new fridge too. Ours has plenty of room but it leaks water and items toward the back of the refrigerator section get frozen in about an hour. I’m tired of dumping the very ghetto tuperware container every two days that’s sitting in the back to catch the water and I’m tired of grabbing baby carrots to eat and finding them frozen solid.

  4. @Laura: I think I found a buyer today, but I can let you know if it doesn’t work out. I’m in Indianapolis.

    @Matt: David says it sounds like a bad door seal. If cold air is leaking out at the door, condensation would result and cause the water collection, and the compressor would work extra hard at the back to make up for the loss of cold air at the front so the back would get icy. He said it’s not necessarily easy to replace yourself but might be worth contacting an appliance repair person to see if you could get a free estimate.

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