Help finding your lost pet: FindToto

This service is new to me. FindToto is a service you pay to call all your neighbors with a recorded message about your lost pet. It is exempt from the existing Do Not Call lists (though it appears you can choose to get on this service’s Do Not Call list specifically by going to their website). Someone at work used it recently (see Bruno below!) after having no luck looking everywhere and calling shelters repeatedly for 24 hours. They paid $145 to call 750 nearby homes four times and had their dog back in two hours! Just goes to show that many pets don’t wander far, so if you find the people who have seen him wandering, you have a chance to get him back.

I would totally use this service if we lost one of our dogs! It’s nice to know someone local who actually had success with it. Apparently you can choose how many houses to call and that determines the price.

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