Nothing to see here, move along

First day of NaBloPoMo (that’s posting every day in November), and I almost forgot to start. This has been a busy Saturday, but so boring you probably ought to leave now. I did make a lot of progress pulling out roots from the old bushes and planting bulbs. I’m already excited about spring flowers! I planted black tulips because, hey, it sounded kind of weird. I also planted more normal flowers.

This morning we had pictures taken with David’s family. We were not thrilled to have to be looking awake and in Carmel at nine on a Saturday morning. I even put on a little makeup, since he seems to think that’s a big deal, but he didn’t notice! I knew he wouldn’t. Nicole did!

Wow, this is really boring. Would you believe some people do this every day of the year?

It’s also International Volunteer Managers Day. Just be glad I didn’t blog about that.

1 thought on “Nothing to see here, move along

  1. Urgh – I’m hoping I actually remember to post every day.

    I was thinking of planting tulips this year, or some other springy bulbs, but haven’t gotten around to it. I guess this would be a good weekend to do something like that!

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